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image Gamingkit Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Model B 3 plus sd card
-מיקרו SD נובים 16GB קלאס 10 עם מתאם SD
Set of 2 Black Aluminum Heat Sink
Hdmi Cable 1M Official

Gamingkit Raspberry Pi Model 3 B plus

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** every RPI 3 model B plus that wants to run a SD card with NOOBS already installed will have to be updated using this guide: how to install noobs on SD card HE
Even more powerful than with the Raspberry Pi 3 discover this Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus Gaming Kit to immerse yourself in your childhood!
Thanks to the Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus you will have more power to have fun with the classic video games, from the SNES to the Nintendo 64 through the PlayStation! Just install Recalbox on your microSD card and go for hours of retro fun!
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