Lite Power Board To: Move Mini - פייטל

Lite Power Board To: Move Mini

57.00 כולל מע"מ
משלוח: 2 עד 7 ימי עסקים

The Power Card: Lite for micro BBC bit can form the control hub for your robotics project, check the first three servos and has 5 x RGB LED ZIP aboard.
The Power Card: Lite for micro BBC bit is a single card that allows you to connect and easily control low power servomotors (servos must operate at 3.3V) using the microphone: bit micro. It is connected to microphone: bit using five bolts. Connect two servos in standard configuration and can drive up to 3 servos if the LED ‘ZIP’ addressable are not necessary.
It is powered by 3 AAA batteries and also feeds the microphone: BBC bit map has an on / off switch, so when it is not being used the batteries will not be drained.

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