MAGPI # 64 - December 2017 - פייטל

MAGPI # 64 – December 2017

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Find the official magazine of the Raspberry Pi Foundation n ° 64 – original version!
Content of the month:
Electronics Starter Guide
Everyone knows that the Raspberry Pi is a coding tool that inspires a whole new generation of students and developers.
But the Raspberry Pi is actually much more than that. Coding on a Raspberry Pi has a purpose, and this goal is to control the material and to do something about it.
If you are a novice, we have an amazing “Electronic Starter Guide” this month. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to start with circuits on a Raspberry Pi.
If you are already a born hacker, do not worry: we have something massive for you this month.
AIY Projects: Vision Kit
AIY Projects is back and Google has unveiled its new vision kit.
And many other articles:
Retro gaming: your quick introduction 101 to retro games emulation.
Make a text adventure: code your own text adventure with this classic tutorial.
The best Christmas kits for Pi projects.
A NASA robot designer powered by Raspberry Pi.

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