SN-390 Adjustable Welding Clamp Holder - פייטל

SN-390 Adjustable Welding Clamp Holder

45.00 כולל מע"ממשלוח: 7-14 ימי עסקים

Adjustable soldering assistant holder is made of metal base and ABS arm, which working principle equates to a rotating worktable. It also can be rotate by 360 degree, adjusted and fixed any angle. This product has four different thickness holders with 1.2/1.8/2.0/3.0mm, so it has wide application rage from fixing the precision welding to observe the circuit board or fix the other flaky objects. ABS arm can be able to clamp an object with maximum 120mm or maximum size 20x14cm by adjusting nut and sliding the arm. Besides, the metal base is equipped with rubber gasket that has a stability function to the whole bracket. After the lightening design, it has a lot of advantages such as strong and durable, easy to carry and take in, easy-operating and firm etc. I believe that can make you work more efficiently.

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