ARAGON - Ventilated case for Raspberry Pi 4 ON / OFF button - פייטל

ARAGON – Ventilated case for Raspberry Pi 4 ON / OFF button

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Argon One Case is an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing case for people to familiarize with computers and electronics. Made of aluminum alloy and polished with a gray finish, the case gives minicomputers a modern, sleek and stylish appearance, easily attracting users to computers. Its minimalist design keeps cables in one area and provides excellent cooling through properly placed ventilation holes. The aluminum alloy casing not only makes the computer look cool, but it also cools it down. The case has an extension that connects to the processor via a heat-conductive adhesive so that heat from the processor is transferred to the case. This means that the case becomes a heat sink passively cooling the motherboard so that the computer can run without generating much heat. To top it off, the case comes with an integrated printed circuit board with a fan to actively cool the computer. These two cooling systems combined ensure long-lasting use without overheating. The fan speed can be configured at any time via the terminal, as well as the conditions for a passive modification of the fan speed. It is strongly recommended to use the official diet.


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