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Active Cooler

25.00 כולל מע"ממשלוח מהיר:: 2-5 ימי עסקים

The Active Cooler provides an alternative cooling solution for users who wish to use their Raspberry Pi 5 under sustained heavy load without a case. It combines a large metal heatsink with a variable-speed blower, again powered and controlled via the fan connector, and attaches to the Raspberry Pi 5 PCB via sprung pins into a pair of mounting holes.

The product includes:
• A single-piece anodized aluminium heatsink
• Heatsink-mounted, temperature-controlled fan
• 5V blower fan with max speed of 8000RPM
• Four wires: power, ground, PWM, and tachometer
• Spring-loaded push pins for mounting onto Raspberry Pi 5
• Pre-applied thermal pads for heat transfer

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