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Makey Makey: Invention kit

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Using MaKey MaKey you can turn anything into touch, just by connecting some alligator clips. The MaKey MaKey invention kit deceives your computer to believe that almost everything is a keyboard. This allows you to connect all kinds of fun things as input. For example, playing with Mario Play-Doh keyboard or piano with fruit!
MaKey MaKey uses a high-resistance switching to detect when you have a connection, even through some conductive materials (like leaves, pasta or people). The integrated ATMega32u4 communicates with your computer using the Human Interface Device protocol (HID), which means it can act as a keyboard or a mouse.
There are six entries on the front of the card, which can be attached via alligator clipping, from the solder to the pads. There are 12 other inputs in the back, 6 for the keyboard keys and 6 for the mouse movement, which you can access with jumpers via the female headers. If you want to use another key set or change the behavior of your MaKey MaKey, you can simply reprogram it using the Arduino environment.


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