Kitronik Klip Motor Driver for BBC micro: bit - פייטל

Kitronik Klip Motor Driver for BBC micro: bit

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The Klip Motor Driver for the BBC micro:bit does much more than just drive motors. It also breaks out pins 0, 1, 2, 3V and GDN (just like the main pads on the BBC micro:bit itself), and there’s a ZIP LED output as well, along with the battery voltage and another GND connection. All these pads are designed specifically for use with crocodile clips and banana plugs. That means no soldering or fiddling with connection blocks. Also, the pads have been designed and spaced to make it difficult to short two together with crocodile clips. This makes it ideal for use with younger children who can build buggies with little more than a couple of motors, a chassis, some elastic bands and the clip motor driver.

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