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Prototyping System Micro: bit

75.78 כולל מע"ממשלוח: 7-14 ימי עסקים

Use the 21-pin microphone: BBC bit and easily connect additional components using this prototyping system for the microphone: BBC bit.
This prototyping system for micro BBC bit is a great way to start making circuits and to experiment without needing to weld.
This prototype system uses the Edge Connector breakout board designed for the microphone: BBC bit which gives full access to the pins on the bottom mic BBC bit. The BBC micro pin: bit are distributed over a row of pins, the SCL and SDA pins are separated on the edge of the card, which facilitates the identification. The PCB comprises a prototyping area with 3V 0V and non-connected lines which can be welded. This allows easy connection of switches, sensors and pull-up or pull-down resistors, etc.
This prototyping system is used in conjunction with a small table prototype. This facilitates the connection of additional components with the supplied connection card. No soldering required.

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