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Ceramic Heat Sink 15 * 15 * 2.5 STD Adhesiv

16.00 כולל מעמ
משלוח עד 10 ימים

The MPC151525T is a 15x15x2.0mm low-profile, light-weight, flat Micro-Porous Ceramic Heat Sink (MPCHS). Due to its highly micro-porous nature it provides a very large surface area compared to conventional copper/aluminium heatsinks and therefore provides excellent heat dissipation without storing heat within its self. The MPCHS also has the lowest thermal capacity of unit volume compared to copper and aluminium heat sinks. Supplied with thermal Silicone adhesive tape.

Non electrically conductive, no antennae effect
Low Profile and light weight
Large surface area compared to Aluminium Heat Sinks
Thermally conductive Silicone adhesive tape

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